Father's Day

My father, my friend

Dear father,

The Father´s Day has come again! And here I am far from home, thinking of my dear old man. If not for you, I wouldn´t be able to be here studying in this great college no matter the efforts I´ve made for it.
I am aware of the sacrifice this dream is imposing upon you, my dear father. I am aware of all the renounced amenities which you could be enjoying along with mom, but your simplicity makes no bones about saving so I can attain my most ambitioned goal. Be sure I´ll get it, thanks to your everlasting support! And even though you do not care about it, I promise I will pay you back someday.
But now it´s time for partying and commemorating this day dedicated to you, and since I am physically far from you and cannot give you a hug, I´m writing this little letter to reaffirm and renew my immense gratitude, partnership and love I feel for you.
We cannot choose who is going to be our father, but friends we do and I can honestly say that you are actually my best friend, independent of the fact that you are my father as well. So through this letter I express my gratitude for all the great things you taught me, gave me and told me, as well as for the confidence you have bestowed upon me. I want you to be proud of me, so I´ll keep doing what´s needed to give us a great life in the near future. Soon I´ll be by your side again. I love you.