To the policeman


You know I´ve never understood the differences between police captain, lieutenant, sargeant or even detective, but I gotta tell you this: whatever attribution your badge may bear, I feel very secure on your side and not afraid of anything.
Truthfully, even thinking about you makes me feel safe, and I know you are a fair, straightforward man who will always do everything within reach to make other people´s lives more comfortable and happy. I say this for me, as I am already used to the strength of your arms and personality, maybe as much as everyone else who may not know you in person but knows someone out there is protecting them and watching out for their lives. I think it´s the most beautiful and bravest thing for someone to put his life at risk for someone else, especially when you the other one is a complete stranger to you.
Your existence turns this world into a better place, sure thing. But what about my life?! I run out of words to describe how much good your mere presence does to me, but I can tell you that you look very beautiful with that uniform of little fluorescent letters on your back, even though I prefer to say the nickname I gave you when I refer to you... You´ve also never seen me talking louder than you do out on the streets so your authority may appear before me, but I´m missing you so badly today that things are gonna be a bit different... The first thing I´ll do when you come back home today will be to say it out loud “take up your arms and let´s go to war!”