Zodiac Signs

For the Virgo boyfriend

Dear (name),

I was a bit reluctant to write you this short love letter, for I know you’re not keen on outbursts of affection. Still, I thought a letter is so discreet and private that I believe me doing so will not offend your personality.
I want you to know how happy I am to be loved by you because, even though you’re not the kind of guy who would send you flowers, I know how selective you are when choosing a partner. Yes, that’s what Virgo’s are like, very meticulous. They also use of common sense, even when searching for a true love, and I also know that, ever since you’ve set your mind on me, you became the most devoted of lovers.
I love your discreet manners, the subtle way you approached and seduced me. I love the simple way in which you express your affection and I feel extremely protected next to someone as hardworking and caring as you. I love the way you express your points of view, how sensible and fair you are in you arguments.
My darling, I love you so much to the point of being able to bear your small faults, and I wish the fire of our love never became extinct.

I kiss from