I´m sorry for the words I said

Dear (name)

I´m writing to apologize for the comments I made on our wonderful date. Those were thoughtless words about facts of your private life, and I´m full of regret for all of that, I realized that your total discretion with your private issues not only must be totally respected, but that your private life is also none of my business anyway.
I respect your position and I really shouldn´t have uttered those inconsiderate words, but since everything has its goods and its bads, that date also showed me why I felt so attracted by you when I first met you. On the other hand, I don´t think it was fair for you to give me such a cold shoulder by not answering my phone calls or acting like you didn´t know me. You are a great professional and I´d like to keep being your client. From now one, I´m perfectly able to lay aside personal feelings and focus only on the relationship between customer and supplier, so I gently ask you to answer my phone calls since they will relate to business only and money is at stake here. I sincerely trust in your professional capabilities.
I hope you keep delivering according to what has been agreed between parties and forget this unfortunate incident which I´m totally guilty of. Again, I am really sorry for having spoiled our relationship, but I want to say that knowing you means a lot to me and if a next date occurs, I´m going to behave totally different from that night. I admire you as a professional and as a person, and I hope that we can go along well not only as professionals but also as friends who can forgive each other.