Zodiac Signs

For the Virgo girlfriend

Dear (name),

I’m writing to tell you how happy I am to have found someone who can devote such a sweet love to me, a love, which is based on truth and is opposed to illusions and false expectations.
I’m happy to have found you, my dear, because you’re not taken by frivolous things and you always seem absolutely determined to reach for happiness, despite the thorns and stones you may come across in your way.
I love you and that bashfulness typical of Virgo’s. I love you and your honesty; I love you and your loyalty, because I know you would not hesitate to break up with me if you found any imperfections and stains in our love. Once again, I have to confess how much I admire your perfectionism, you’re pure but not at all naive mind, your inherited good taste for the arts, your witty intelligence and your good advises.
What seduces me the most is the fact that, when it comes to my worries, you always use the truth and your opinion in such a gentle way that it becomes impossible not to follow your suggestions; that and the fact that they always come with a bright, convincing smile.
For all you do and mean to me, I want you to always be aware of the pure and true love my heart houses for you.

A kiss from