Romance with the secretary


your noble occupation says you know how to keep a secret. However, you are such a special one of the kind that the homage must be distinguished. Simple greeting cards or even this letter are nothing compared to what you do.
Thoroughly discreet and efficient on your office tasks, you leave no room for complaining or criticizing. But I don´t think of you as a highly skilled professional in the first place, I think of you as the wonderful woman you are.
Today, besides congratulating you for your date, I´d like to confess my love for you and reiterate that you are the perfect woman in my opinion. Tender and passionate, dear and special lover. I´m honored for being your biggest admirer. I feel proud of being with you, that´s for sure.
I also have my secret and this revelation I only tell you, you who is the most seductive and pretty woman I ever knew. I want you and I have you, so I deem myself the happiest man in the world. Keep this secret in your memory, so no one else can have access to it.
Keep fulfilling the duties of your occupation rigorously, but do not forget the fact that your biggest appointment is with me. I want to continue to be the first name in the schedule of your heart.
Congratulations to you, my dear secretary. You better know that you are the most loved one of your kind…

Kisses (signature)