To the female teacher I´m in love with

Dear (name)

I believe you are not going to reprove me for the audacity. Even though I have met you for the first time not long ago, maybe you have been smart enough to realize that I like you. Maybe the reason for it is the same reason boys fall in love with their teachers, though there are not many as gorgeous as you are.
I feel completely naïve when the subject is love. But if you are patient and teach me the equations of the heart, I assure you I can learn in a snap. With the exact formula I´ll be able to approach you in an extracurricular way, so to speak.
My dear, maybe it comes down to the Teacher´s Day getting closer, I´m feeling an incredible love for the classroom. Such as a behaved kid, I wish to be on the first row, or maybe to invade your space, with a rose in hand, confessing my love in order to receive a little kiss and a caress.
I also believe I´m not one of the dumbest, I can easily recover the lost time. With your dedication and competence I can exceed all my colleagues in a short while, especially if you focus the major part of your attention on me.
Dear teacher, I wish to be your best student, making it your way to the top of the class. Please recognize my efforts in the end!