To the teacher I´m in love with

My dear (name)

Fortunately, I have someone to pay homage on this Teacher´s day. I´m definitely in love with a master with all the power my heart is able to show. It´s been quite a good time since we´re dating and each day my love for you just grows bigger and bigger. And I´m immensely happy this love is reciprocated.
All the dedication and fondness you demonstrate with your students you also put forth when you are with me. I feel under my skin all the bliss that your tenderness and intelligence are capable to offer me, and with me you are always yourself, and your soul runs totally free.
The approval and recognition your students have towards you are quite clear by the end of each year. For this reason I also believe that right now as I write this letter you are receiving a lot of praise and homage, all of it more than well-deserved for the great teacher you are. And then I feel really lucky for being your girlfriend.
To be bestowed with your love is a reason of great pride and joy for me. It cheers me up to know that such an intelligent and accomplished man dedicates to me his affection, that makes me feel the most privileged woman on the planet. Your sacrifice and hard work are worthy of praise indeed, without a doubt.
I love you a lot and even more on this day of yours, I know that you are proud of doing what you do, and I also know that you do what you do for love above all.

Many and many kisses,