To the Manager

Dear (name)

I love to be loved by you, to be managed by a man like you. An efficient manager, whose impeccable resume also includes the duty of taking care of me, as I am the woman who loves you over each and every interest.
To tell you an absolute truth, having you as a partner, I find myself able to face the greatest challenges of this highly competitive world. Although I may know little about business, I know that by your side I can rely on your capacity to protect me.
You own a convincing line of reasoning and when we are making love I feel completely subjected to your capacity of arguing. This incredible skill you use on a business table is too evident when you manage to persuade me to do exactly what you want. Your methods don´t bother me at all, but I´d like you not to supervise me too much since you know I´m totally faithful to you. I ask you to always treat me as careful as you are with your most important projects. Take from me just the best I have so you can get the highest degree of pleasure and happiness out of our relationship.
I give you a free hand to inspect the status of our love, I deliver to your judgment and observation my own abilities regarding the art of loving. I want to be evaluated by the good things I can provide you with.

I´m sure I am going to be approved by you.

And now a kiss goes out to the one I love.