To the Missus

Dear (name),

Would anyone ever dare to complain about this letter to you Missus? I like to believe that being a housewife is the most valuable and beautiful occupation of all... All those daily tasks that comprise your days´ activities are essential to the well-being of the family life itself.
Nowadays, this occupation is not seldom performed by a man. Individuals who toil every single day with household services are certainly very serious and professional people. Their responsabilities are just as big and important as of anyone else. After the work hours, when we finally meet at the intimacy of our home, we behave like two professionals in their spare time. I want you to know that I believe you feel the same anxiety to meet you that I feel after work, since we love each other and we are husband and wife.
That´s the time when we forget our daily dues and give ourselves over to leisure. Leisure can be a restaurant and a movie theather, or simply a love night after the dinner made by your sweet hands in our own sweet home... As I can´t live without your sensual kisses, I tell you I cannot spend one more day without your caresses. Despite our obligations, we are always two lovers enjoying the beauty of love...
With all due respect to the “professional housewife”, I want to end up this letter with a long kiss to the woman who is the mother of my kids and the love of my life.