Break Up

Breaking up a society

Dear (name),

You don´t know how painful it is for me to write this letter. I´m saying painful so that I don´t have to say revolting, because you have total conscience-i know that- of how much I was and am working hard so that the project will work out. What I mean is that I´m doing my part, but, you treat “our” (is it?) project as if it was a game. You´ve limited yourself to chipping in with a little change, always late, and you´re not interested in understanding correctly the business you’re in.
I´m not here begging for your investment, because in every serious business, there must be a serious investment. I´m not begging because I recognize the value of my work and in the product we have to offer; and I can say out loud we aren´t selling any product or trafficking any drug. We have a good product, that soon, will be well known all over the world.
Anyway, knowing you´re not interested, I believe, that beyond this point, I should treat you like Mr. or Dr. “Opportunist” that viewed the project as a chance to make a quick fortune and in the moment you realized the fortune would take a little longer, you regretted you got into the business and started to treat the issue with irresponsibility.
Lastly, even though I´m very upset with the situation, I want to tell you the project will continue, with or without you, and will be great, because it´s a good project and counts on the participation of talented and dedicated people who want to work. So, if perhaps you want to continue a part of this group change positivly your attitude or you will or you will have regrets again in a short period of time!

Sincerely, (signature)