Break Up

You are very annoying!


I give up on standing your idiotic actions. Keep your truths and certainties to yourself and leave me alone, because I can´t stand your bad mood and your tendency to think you´re always right.
I´ve dedicated to much time to you, and your annoying ways. Without exaggerating, you seem 40 years older than you are, and to tell you the truth I don´t know wether it´s a sickness for old people that you have, or if it´s that you are really annoying. But you can be sure I´m not wasting my time in trying to find out anymore, because either options wouldn´t be favorable to our relationship.
Ad I´ll tell you once again, just in case you haven´t realized it yet: it´s over. And it will be no use of you to appeal of your annoying persistence, because I know well your hysterical and understandable argumentation.
I hope you can find someone who will stand your habits, but I think that will be difficult!

Be happy!