Miss You

Missing the two of us

My love,

I know things have been complicated and with all these compromises have taken us to forget some attitudes that were common between us, I don´t even remember the last time I bought you flowers or took you out to dinner for no special reason. you know, today out of nowhere I started to miss you: not exactly miss you, but missing the two of us, the good and pleasurable thing s we used to do together, and slowly we started putting aside because we were tired, and because of the routine.
That´s why I´m writing you now, something I haven´t done I a while. Because I felt like returning, maybe only for today, all the nice things we did together that gave us the certainty that we lose eachother. I continue sure I love you, the same way i´m sure it has to be cultivated in a loving way, just like in the beginning. Resuming: we have to date again!
Today you are my girlfriend. We can put flowers all over the house, go to our favorite restaurant, and if you don´t want to go out we can make at hoe a really special dinner, with an even better wine. What do you think? Do you want to start our relationship all over again? I miss the two of us real close.