Miss You

Our agony is almost over

My love,

There´s still a long time until we get to see each other and hug again but, considering the huge period we spent away from each other, I can already see the light of your eyes at the end of the tunnel...
Dear, the day in which you will come back for good is coming, I guarantee that there will be nothing else in the world capable of keeping us apart for such a long time. Only when you return will you know how much I missed you, how much I suffered and how much I longed for your return.
The moment when I see you again will certainly be the happiest in my life. The expectation for this reencounter has left me to count how many months left, every month, how many weeks, every week, now I´m counting days; and soon I´ll be counting hours and minutes to hug and kiss you!
Life has for us moments of agony and sadness, the same way I felt being away from you. But I can confirm that the happiness of this reencounter will make up for the sadness I felt without you. I´m waiting anxiously for your return.

Kisses from someone who loves you a lot,