Miss You

Missing you makes love seem sad

My loved one,

the cold morning wind involves my skin with the same sweet sadness that missing you involves my heart. When will you be here again to bring me some joy?
The days pass by slowly, the evenings cold and lonely, and my mind can only be occupied with memories of your face, of your lovely mouth and your sweet words of love, saying caring phrases that until this day repeat themselves in my heart and in my soul...
How long has it been since I last heard your voice? How long has it been since my mouth last felt the warm caring taste of your lips? I need you to write, I need you to call me and tell me you´re alright, that you´re okay, and that everything is okay between us, besides all the distance.
Not hearing from you makes me apprehensive and insecure. Intimately I know you love me and miss me, but eventually I need to receive your signs of confirmation, I need to feel that you´re also saying softly: I love you...I love you....I love you` Away dear, write me back as soon as you can, because missing you makes love seem really sad.

A kiss from,