Miss You

One minute is like eternity

My love,

it´s true we´ve been separated for a short period of time, that in few hours we were together, holding hands, happy with eachother´s company, happy for feeling eachother´s skin, and the love of one another. It´s true we´ve been apart for only a little while, but it´s already starting to hurt to be away from you.
missing you hurts because you presence is more than essencial: gives peace to my soul, happiness to my heart, proportions pleasure to my body and allows me to dream when I am awake, as if our good moments could perpetuate unidentified. That way when I am far away from you the sensation of loss amplifies itself and I can´t stand it, reality gains a weight and I almost loose the capacity of being able to dream. Only the memory of you relieves a little of this pain, but what cures me of all this is only your sweet delight presence.
With you I´m strong and powerful, without you I feel totally weak. One minute away from you is like the most hurtful of eternities. You are my life and my sunshine, even when I´m far from you , missing you makes everything cloudy and rainy. It hasn´t been long that we´re separated, but you have to understand that I always need to be with you!

Kisses and missing you,