Zodiac Signs

For the Leo boyfriend

Hi, my little Leo,

I’m writing this short letter just to tell you are top of the tops. I love the enthusiasm you look upon life, you know? I even love it when you exaggerate things and how you love being the center of attention. You really can’t resist having an audience, can you? I’m glad that big as the Sun ego of yours doesn’t stop you from being extremely gallant and protective.
It’s true, that’s really how I feel when I’m with you, protected, because I know that deep down you’re good, faithful and kind and that in order for those characteristics to come out you only need a lot of love and affection. Well, my darling, love and affection are two things that I have in excess to give you.
Loving you comes easy to me. Those who don’t know any better say that Leo’s are vain, almost on the verge of being arrogant… but, that’s not true or else, how could someone as kind as you be arrogant? You’re not like that when you’re around me! The way I see you, you’re brilliant and enthusiastic, and I know you’ll be a great partner if, together and for the rest of our lives, we decide to face the perils of the jungle.
My Leo, my Sun, my King! I would not be able to resist your splendorous charm even if your heart was a block of ice.

With a big kiss from the one who loves you too much