Miss You

I miss you every day, except on weekends

My dear (name),

you don´t know how anxious I get when I have to wait for the weekend, when finally, I can see you...
From the time we say goodbye on Sunday, until Saturday doesn´t come again the hours take forever to pass... Monday is tormenting, Thursday horrible, Wednesday I pitty myself, Thursday I´m almost panicking, and only on Fridays I become happy and hopeful again because I know it´s getting closer to when I can finally see you again.
It´s Friday that my heart becomes happy once again. To tell you the truth , it only beats truly happy when I hug and kiss you!
There isn´t anything worse than missing you... I get so sad when you´re not near that I keep looking at my watch all the time, wanting it to get dark quicker so I can sleep and dream of you.
I love dreaming about you! But I like it even better when it´s Saturday again and I can see you! Did you need to live so far away baby?

Kisses and I´ll see you soon,