Miss You

Missing you on New Year´s Eve

When the fireworks light up the sky and when the Champaign bottles are opened and the sound of the glasses announces the arrival of the New Year, do think of me because I will be thinking of you!
It´s so annoying to be so far away when everyone else is in the company of their loved ones, celebrating and renewing their hopes. That´s why I feel a bit sad to be away; but it´s also at times like this that I renew my certainty that I we will be together soon, real close, celebrating our never ending love.
My love, we are on the verge of yet another year; but the love that feeds me is so solid and consistent that it seems to have been born with me. I am sure there is no distance in the world capable of shaking my feelings for you. There is no distance on the planet that can cool down my deep affection; on the contrary, this distance can only make me miss you even more and increase the desire to be with. That will soon be possible, believe me! And until we meet again, I leave you with my sincere wishes of good health, peace, prosperity, wealth and happiness. We will soon see and hug each other again...

With an affectionate kiss