Miss You

It will be months of longing

My love,

I know you are leaving for an imperative reason, but I would like you to know that nothing will be more imperative for me than to miss you while we are apart!
I just hope that, despite the pain of this sudden separation, this will bring us closer together and increase our conviction in our love for each other. I just wish you´d always carry me in your heart and in your thoughts, just as I will know that you will always be in my mind, in my heart and in my soul; just as I know that I will feel you in every breeze that touches my skin...
I will suffer a lot with your absence and I will feel very lonely. I know there will be times when I´m going to be sad and on the verge of crying. And that is why I´d much rather think about your return and how we are going to celebrate you coming back to me and to my cuddles and kisses.
My darling, if only I could make the days shorter! If only I could shrink the calendar or fasten the clocks! I can´t bear to be away from you for not even a minute and I only wish I could turn this separation into just a bad dream!
Have a safe journey my love, have a safe journey and come back soon. I love you and I will be even more in love the day you return!

With a big kiss,