Miss You

For him, with love and wine...

My love,

The night falls gently. And you are not here. I´m missing you more and more and I start getting worried as I stare at the door just waiting for you to surprise me with your arrival at any moment.
Sweet delusion... you are so far away right now that all I can ask for is that time moves faster...
All I can think about is you and your face. Reading doesn´t distract me anymore and only listening to our songs seems to ease a bit the pain of your absence. I wish you were with me right now. I wish I could lie on the sofa, my head on your lap and feel the tips of your fingers running through my hair.
You have no idea how filled with joy my heart will be the day you come back! I will be the happiest person on earth and my heart will beat faster again with joy and affection. I interrupt my dreams of the day we see each other again. I get up and pour myself a glass of wine because, as a philosopher once said centuries ago: "there is no place for love where wine is missing".
My darling, I wish you were here so we could toast the love that unites us and always will, but I know it will still be a while before that happens. It´s such a shame! But I slowly start feeling happier because the wine is filled with fresh scents of the woods and all the elements that calm the soul. It´s through this wine that I experience the best sensations, where doubts are dissipated and existence becomes crystal clear like our love. It´s from the bright and transparent nature of the wine that I get all the revealing answers and comfort for the pain caused by your absence.
I wish we could make a toast together! I wish we could make a toast to the love in our hearts!
Knowing how much I love you will surely make you happier, so I leave you with this letter, a kiss, and some wine as my gift to you. Drink it with joy and pretend I´m standing next to you the moment you pour the first glass!

With love