Miss You

Missing you like crazy (for her)

Dear (name),

I don´t know if this letter is going to relieve in any way the sheer agony of being away from you, but I would like you to know that I´m missing you like crazy right now!
I miss the warmth of your arms and the gentle touch of your fingers running through my hair. I miss your fresh breath, your lipstick rubbing on my lips and the sweet words that you´ve has always spelt out for me. I miss the sound of your high heels announcing your arrival, and I miss your hands anxiously looking for mine...
Deep in my heart, I´m missing you like crazy and I can´t bear the distance between us anymore, a distance that is totally against my will.
But the most important thing is that I am missing you like crazy and I want to get rid of this feeling as quickly as possible. All it would take would be to see you right now!