Miss You

Cruel distance

My love,

I wish somebody could explain to me why our destiny is so cruel, why do we have to be apart for so long when all we long for is to be with each other because that´s the only thing that comforts us...
But much as I would like such an explanation that alone would not be enough to ease the pain of your absence, to suppress this sadness I have in my heart and which you can see reflected in my eyes.
To be honest, I don´t need an explanation. I just want to be with you soon, very soon, so I can tell you face to face how important you are to me, how happy I feel when I´m by your side and how sad I get when I´m far away from you.
Distance is a cruel thing because I not only miss you but I also wonder if you are doing well, if you are in good health and if your mind and soul are at peace. I´m also curious to know if you think of me in the same way I think of you, which is just about every single minute and second that goes by (and the clock ticks so slowly when we´re not together!). I want you and I need to see you again; I want to be with you and make you realize that my affection goes far beyond the words I´m writing to you now. I want you to touch my hands and my face, and I want you to sense in the warmth of my body the deepest love anyone can feel.

Love from