Miss You

To the brother/sister, with love...

Dear brother/sister,

I was feeling a bit lost here, thinking of mum and dad and when they used to tell us we needed to pay a bit more attention to the family... Neither one of us had the patience to listen to that kind of stuff. But I began to suspect they might have been right all along, because I am miss you today!
Weird, isn´t it? And yet, true: despite all the situations, disagreements and natural compition between siblings, a feeling of admiration, affection and love for each other has always prevailed among us.
And no matter how far apart we were, we were always supportive of each other and always rejoiced with each other´s successes. I really wish we were a bit closer today, so we could talk face to face about things from the past and also about the concerns and hopes of the present.
It´s always real fun when we are together, as our shared memory goes constantly back to hilarious episodes. But what I like the most when we are together is the fact that your thoughts, your affection and your optimism stimulates me to keep fighting for the best, not only for myself but also for all those who surround us and we hold dear (I just hope I have the same effect on you!)...
Try to find some time in your busy agenda for us to see get together, will you?!

I miss you