Zodiac Signs

For the Cancer friend

Dear (name),

It’s always nice to enjoy the friendship of someone like you, bearer of a huge heart, a heart that is grateful and knows how to appreciate true friends, which can’t stand cruelty and is always attentive to other people’s needs. That’s what makes you a sensitive and charming person. And that’s why it’s very easy to deal with this calm and gentle personality of yours. Even though you seem to be a bit pessimistic, I also know you’re a good humored person that can burst into laughter all of a sudden, highlighting your expressive features even more.
I love the way you’re overwhelmed with even the smallest, plainest of things. And I know how you carefully keep things that may not be worth much money wise but that you really cherish. I love being your friend, because I know that honesty and friendship, apart from other noble emotions, remain and forever stay engraved in your memory and in your kind heart. On the other hand, because you’re so sensitive, I think you sometimes can get upset or hurt quite easily. Try being a bit harder towards certain attitudes you get from others, ignore some nasty words or else, if I know you well, you may become ill!
Try not to add up all the small offenses. World can really be slightly cruel every now and then, but you still find more love than hate, and it’s really not worth getting too upset over some less virtuous attitude from people you barely know, and end up with an ulcer!
Well, let me put a stop to this boring advice.

A friendly hug from