Miss You

Missing the old days...

My dear,

I suddenly felt this huge nostalgia of the days we had less worries and our minds and souls were exclusively devoted to each other´s pleasure and satisfaction.
I´m not exactly complaining, you know, I am just remembering the old times when our smiles were more spontaneous, when we found more fun and joy in our strolls and when just being together was, in itself, a wonderful date.
I think we have become too demanding, I think we were caught up in this sad habit of searching in distant places for something that could very well be right under our noses. I decided to send you this note because I suddenly felt this strange nostalgia of the way we used to be and the way we used to be with each other. After giving it some thought, I have reached the conclusion that it is possible to relive the days when, every time we were apart, we used to miss each other terribly and when seeing each other again would make our hearts overflow with joy and happiness.
You know something, my darling? I am missing you like crazy and when you arrive today, I will be overwhelmed with happiness just to see you again!

With a big kiss from