Miss You

To my little child


Being away from you has made me very sad. But I don´t want to sound selfish and talk only about my feelings in this letter; I know this must also be a very painful situation for you...
Sweetie, I truly believe that all the obstacles and holdups stopping us from being reunited will soon come to an end. And we will then be able to return to the path that allows parents and their children to walk side by side, together, looking after each other´s happiness.
If adverse circumstances have led me to move away and petty attitudes are undermining even more my return, I can only ask you to be patient because everything has its own time.
You could argue that every day is a perfect occasion for parents and their little children to be with each other. But I beg of you again to be patient for a little while longer. I love you too much and missing you has been my daily punishment.
My child, my love, the day will come when life will forgive us for this sad and unwilling separation, be sure that. You are in my heart every single day and when the time comes for us to be together again, we will know how to make up for the days we were forced to be apart.

A heartfelt kiss. I miss you
(Dad) or (Mum)