Miss You

Long time no see

Dear friend,

It´s a fact we haven´t seen each other in a long time, but I see no reason why we should keep up this situation, do you?
I have been thinking a lot about you and remembering - with a great deal of nostalgia – the days we used to talk all the time, when the words exchanged were like a balsam for the both of us. That´s how true friendship really works: it brings this peace of mind to all of those who have the pleasure and privilege of enjoying it.
It´s true that some of the people we care about often follow different paths and, for no particular reason, end up going in opposite directions sometimes. But now that I finally got hold of you, I would like to enjoy your company again and make the most of your loyal friendship.
During the time we somehow lost contact, there were moments when I missed you a lot; because there are things we can´t discuss with our parents, children or even our partners... there are things that we can only tell friends.
Having said that, how about getting together again? Let´s make up for the lost time even if it takes lots of hours and gatherings to put our agendas up to date.
Call me and we will think of something together. You know that I´ve always been available for you and I always be!