Challenging your shyness (for him)

Dear (name),

I`ve suddenly caught myself thinking about you... you are always so quite and alone, you seem like a small stray animal lost in the streets, afraid to cross the road!
I don`t know... I just felt like asking you if you are truly happy the way you are, with those little eyes of yours that seem to hide a bit of melancholy...
I hope you don`t feel invaded by my curiosity and by these observations; I would just like you to realize that Valentine`s means something else other than a mere walk in the mall... I am curious and really interested in you and your evasive and timid way of being... Is this really what you are like or are you really a bit sad? I`ve been feeling a bit lonely too you know... nothing serious really, but it`s always nicer to have someone around we enjoy talking to, exchanging ideas about movies, books or even just being near...
Listen, I don`t think we need to wait till Valentine`s; I want you to know that I`ll welcome any display of affection coming from you, and anticipating Valentine`s day, I will accept anything with open heart like simple rose bud or a reply to this letter!

A friend willing to challenging your charming shyness,