A teenager crush

Dear little friend,
Did you know I`ve liked you since first grade? But I know there are other girls that like you too and that makes me feel a bit upset and jealous, because I also enjoy to talk to you a lot.
I really like it when you call me for a chat and I realize you only do that to me, despite the whole bunch of people you could choose to play or talk with.
I think the only reason you do it it`s because you like to discuss different things with me and talk about our games, toys and favorite TV shows; we even talk about boring classes, don`t we?
I`m sending you this little because there is something I would like to ask you: don`t stop talking to me ever because I really love talking to you and being near you. I want to be your friend forever...
How about? Do you promise you`ll be my friend forever?
I hope so!

With a kiss from