I confess: the one in love is me!

Dear (name),

I told you sometime ago that I knew someone who was interested in you. You were curious but, at the same time, you didn`t seem very keen to find out who that person might be. You told me back then that you were taking some time for yourself and that you wanted to be on your own for a while...
I did insist on this matter several times and I`ve repeated my `alert` about this person who would like to be closer to you, much closer, and who wanted you to be much more than just a friend - this person would like you to be his girlfriend, his partner...
This person has always dreamt of holding you, kissing you, feeling the warmth of your body on his chest, your breath on his lips, but having a discreet nature, he has always disguised his feelings to the very limit.
But now, I can`t keep hiding his name anymore. It has become impossible to hide the one who is truly in love with you and would really like to have you as his girlfriend and partner forever; that someone who has been close enough to you to notice how beautiful and adorable you are!
My darling, the person who loves you - and as loved you for a long time - is me! I hope this confession won`t scare you off. I leave you with an affectionate kiss.