This could be larger than friendship!


When we looked at each other for the first time, I felt it was the start of something different! We stroke a great friendship from the start, and if my premonitions don`t fail me, this friendship can become stronger and deeper... it`s all up to you now, because I have already surrendered to your charms!!
That`s right, my darling, it`s up to you now! I, for one, just want to be able to repeat and deepen the feeling I had with that first look!
I swear to you: I felt butterflies when I saw you for the first time! I realized straight away that something bigger could happen between the two of us after that look; actually, I am quite sure that we can establish a new and more intimate relationship, because a certain degree of intimacy, love and lust were unequivocally exchanged with that first look! I hope this first impression of mine will be confirmed!