Will you be my girlfriend/boyfriend?

My dear (name),

I`ve read hundreds of magazines and books, looking for something nice to tell you. And yet, there is always a little word missing here and there to clearly express what I`m feeling; there is always that little detail missing which could reflect exactly everything I really wanted to say to you...
We already know each other quite well, we talk a lot and we get along just fine. And I can`t explain why but, despite our friendship, there are things that I fell like telling you and yet I just simply can`t. I`m not exactly sure what it is that stops in that particular moment, but my mouth becomes dry and nothing comes out.
To tell you the truth, sometimes I can`t even remember all those nice things I have read... the poems... the things I have learned about flowers and Greek gods, Cupid, Bacus, etc... I forget everything!!
I don`t know if it`s that shyness of yours or the shine in your eyes that makes me feel like this, a bit silly and lost for words. Do you think I may have a problem? I don`t think so; otherwise I wouldn`t be sending you this letter. Because whenever we are together, I can`t think of anything nice to talk about from all those books and magazines that I have read while thinking about your beautiful smile.
Just to wrap it up, because I think this entire "talk" is getting a bit boring, I would like to ask you a question: would you like to be my boyfriend/girlfriend? Maybe if you say yes I will be able to tell you all the rest of the things I`ve been meaning to, bit my bit?

Please reply quickly. I leave you with a kiss