I am ready for your love

Dear (name),

I think you must have realized by now how much I care about you and even though we`ve never really had a closer, deeper contact, I still insist (and feel happy!) on looking even more feminine when you are near...
I`m sending you this letter only because I know you are an honest person and you don`t pretend or hide your feelings. I also know that if you ever decide to be with me that will be because you have made your mind up and it will make me feel very good about myself... I`m aware of your dilemmas and doubts, but I know I`d feel very happy if only I were able to fulfill all your romantic dreams through my love and affection.
Another reason that made me write this letter is the fact that I have noticed (even at a distance), what kind of person you are; you may be impetuous and demanding, but you always have in store a friendly and warming smile that inspires solidarity and a little bit of romance even.
I don`t mean to complement you or convince you to stay with me with this letter. I can imagine you`d become a bit restless if I tried something like that. Still, I want you to know that I feel ready and determined, that I am armed with all my courage and strength and aiming to make you happy and be also happy next to you.
Always count on my affection and energy; I`m certain that I can be by your side without any fears, walking this adventurous road of life and love!

I leave you with a kiss