I dreamt about you last night...

Dear (name),

We keep exchanging messages over the internet and we know each other more thanks to virtual reality than in person, so what I`m about to say may sound a bit strange: I dreamt about you last night!
The worst bit (or the best, not sure, you will tell me) it`s that it wasn`t a common dream. It was a kind of dream that I had never had before or if I did, it was a long time ago and I don`t remember anymore...
But don`t be scared, it was a good dream. So good that I woke up in a hurry, with this mad desire of turning it into reality as quickly as possible; that is why I`m sending you this note so early in the morning, but I must say I feel a bit uneasy about confessing my dream to you...
Here it goes... In my dream you weren`t exactly wearing those nice outfits you normally do when you go to work. In my dream, there was no coat over your shoulders, no shoes squeezing your toes and no tie around your immaculate white collar.
In my dream, (name), no effort was needed for me to guess what aftershave you had on, because you were still unshaved and, even in my sleep, I could sense your great, strong and masculine odor.
Let me finish by telling you the whole truth: you were not wearing any clothes in my dream. Just a tiny little towel threatening to fall down your legs... and when it did, that`s when I woke up!
I don`t know what you are going to think of after all this, but one thing you can be sure: this dream really happened!