This teddy bear is for you

Dear (name)

You must have realized by now that my interest for you goes beyond friendship and that when I look at you I mean more than just a simple "good morning", "good afternoon" or "see you tomorrow"...
But I`m taking into account the possibility of you being a bit distracted; therefore I`ve decided to make this special interest of mine a bit more obvious by sending you this little present. It`s a simple gift, I know, but it`s given it with the best feelings my heart has to offer! I`ve always seen in you a sensitive and extremely feminine girl. And if I`m not mistaken, sweet creatures like you love furry animals...
You are extremely beautiful and I cannot disguise the deep interest I have in you. I sincerely wish that this small token will make you realize what an affectionate person I am. And I would like to devote my affection to you and to you alone!
Please accept, with out fear, this small gift!

I leave you with a kiss on that sweet face of yours,