One single night...

Dear (name),

I know you are someone who enjoys and cherishes freedom and independence too much... I know you wouldn`t like to be tied to a commitment or to someone.
That is why I`ve decided not to miss on the opportunity to make you an unusual but at the same time appealing proposition; I would like to think that someone as determined and, most of all, as charming and elegant as you, would not turn down an invitation to spend a very enjoyable evening with me (pardon my immodesty!).
I`m not scaring you off, am I? After all, I`m asking for nothing but your company for a few hours. It`s not as if I`m asking you to be my boyfriend/girlfriend or proposing to you; I`m just inviting you to go out with me and have a little bit of fun.
I was thinking we could go to a movie... or go for dinner... I don`t know! I just know that, whatever we choose, it will be great. And what`s more: we are going Dutch!

I`ll be looking forward to your reply