It can only be you (for her)

Dear (name),

I`ve been alone for a long time now; not by choice or lack of interest in finding someone to keep me company, but simply because none of those who have crossed my path gathered the same qualities you do...
I must confess that I feel a bit awkward and embarrassed as I write these lines, but the feeling that we may really get a long with each other and be happy together is very strong.
I would like you to give us this chance. Please understand that I am not asking this for my own sake; I am asking it for the both of us, because I believe that you would have not touched my heart if it wasn`t meant for me to make you a happy.
You may think that I`m getting ahead of myself when I say "you are the love of my life". And maybe, "just" maybe, you are right. But now, this truth is what keeps my heart beating: it can only be you!

An affectionate kiss from