It can only be you (for him)

Dear (name),

I feel a bit embarrassed as I start this short letter, because I`m afraid you may interpret my words in a way they weren`t meant to, different to what I really would like to express; so I beg of you to read it with a great deal of care and attention...
In fact, I`m writing to let you know that I have a very strong feeling, an unequivocal premonition that you are the person I have always looked for to be by my side, to make me happy and to receive the best I have to offer. I sincerely hope I am not mistaken. I`m talking about understanding and affection, you know. And of companionship, deep friendship and simple feelings. I am talking about love and caring!
Whenever I had the chance to watch you, I was able to identify in you some of the qualities that please me the most.
This letter is, in fact, an invitation for you to get to know me better. And you can be sure that you will also be able to find in me some rare virtues...

With an affectionate kiss from