To the distracted boy

Dear (name),

You may not have noticed, since you are living in a cloud of distractions, but for a while now I have been trying to show that I have a special interest in you, which goes beyond the boundaries of mere friendship.
With all that huge distractive ness of yours, you may have never noticed that you are a natural seducer and there are a lot of people (and I speak for myself) who pay you a great deal of attention!
Sometimes, I think you are not really distracted and that all the absent mindness just reflects a rare and total naivety that is quite unusual now-a-days. The chances of having found someone as pure and beautiful as you is what attracts me to you the most and that is why I would like us to grow closer and to be together.
Don`t feel astonished or bashful with this letter; and don`t be distracted to the point of not remembering to invite me for a coffee or an ice cream!

A kiss from