I`m going to open up my heart today


Sometimes, there are things that happen right in front of your eyes and you are not even aware of them, isn`t it? That usually happens when you are totally distracted or you have shut yourself to the world outside.
I`m not trying to beat around the bush, but it would have been very nice to have started this letter by saying right away that I am totally in love with you; it`s so strange for me to be so blinded by love whereas you seem to be blind to my love. If it`s pure distraction and you are really not aware of the way I look at you, then there is still hope this letter will produce some effect. My only fear, however, is that you have already noticed my interest in you and you couldn`t care less. Is that the case?
I sincerely hope not... I suspect you haven`t even realized that there is someone who looks at you in a different way and whose heart beats faster every time you are near. Much as I try to be discreet, I can sometimes be too obvious; but know that I have brought myself to write you this letter, the dices have been cast and I hope fortune is on my side.
Dear (name), if you still don`t know who I am, it won`t belong before you find out. No, I`m not going to sign this letter; but I`ll be asking you "Did you like it?" next time you walk past me. And what I`ll see in your eyes and in your smile will be my answer.

A kiss!