We are closer than ever

My darling (name),

I know that some decisions are hard to make, but when affection and love prevail over any other interests, than all the roads to happiness become wide open and danger free.
First of all, I would like to make sure you know that I love you very much and that you are the most wanted and the most desired person than anyone could possibly be. I also need you to know that there`s nothing more beautiful in the world than what is happening between us right now; I feel we are growing closer and getting along really well. I feel we are becoming more intimate, in every sense, and that this union is growing bigger; and that`s the most gratifying thing two human beings could wish for.
That is why I need to remind you (even if that takes a simple letter or e-mail), that you don`t have to be afraid on anything, at least not while we are together, as close and united partners.
I miss you so much, I can`t wait to see you and kiss every inch of your face, every little bit of your lips, every little corner of you...
These last few days I have been thinking with affection of the moment we will see each other again, and satiate all this desire that has taken over us in such an intense but wonderful way.
I leave you with the first of the many kisses I intend to give you...

With love