Why all the indifference now?

Dear (name),

It took me a while to find the courage to write to you; I`ve been trying for so long to understand why we`ve grown so much apart and why you`ve become so distant and indifferent after those small confidences I`ve made. Did I scare you off by any chance? I don`t think I`ve done anything to offend or hurt you, you know, and this is a very weird and uncomfortable situation because I care a lot about you but when see each other now, we hardly talk... and that is so strange!
What happened, do you know? I`ve tried to figure out what could have been the reason for us to be o apart, but I couldn`t come up with any plausible one. Initially, when I told you about my secret wish or dream, you seemed interested enough to share it; and, suddenly, you` became evasive and now you treat me with a kind of strange, almost embarrassing indifference.
I`m sending you this letter just to let you know that I miss the times we were true friends. I really wish that dream would come true, or that at least everything could be the way it used to and we could resume our beautiful friendship. Why don`t you call me or just simply give me a hug next time we meet in college?
I hope I`m still addressing the same sensitive person I used to talk to me some time ago!

I miss you. Yours