Zodiac Signs

For the Gemini friend

Dear friend

Let me start by saying that you are both funny and intriguing, and that having a friend like you is just about the same as having several friends in one! With your good humor, your funny and quick way of talking, your versatility to change plans and ideas over night, sometimes I’m under the impression that I’m talking to a crowd when, in fact, you’re the only person around!
Besides, thanks to a fast mind and brilliant intelligence along with a persuasive smile, you always end up talking others into doing as you please, despite the fact that sometimes – admit it – not even you know what pleases you, right? I believe that sometimes you decide against what you’d have liked to!!
I’m sure you’re not going to reply to this letter… that’s Gemini for you, they couldn’t be bothered with this sort of things, just as much as they’re not very persistent about anything… But it’s OK, because your unique ability to change plans and opinions is what makes you such a lovely person, although you can puzzle me every now and then.
I also don’t mind the fact that you don’t easily share your deepest feelings (you keep them all to yourself, don’t you?), I know you have a noble and mighty soul and that’s why I miss you.
I’d like to see you sometime soon. Try to get up a bit earlier over the weekend so we can meet up. After all, just because you’re Gemini that doesn’t mean that you have to sleep for two, does it?

A hug