I will win you over

Dear (name),

I hope you are well, both physical and mentally. I`ve finally managed to write this little note just as a reminder of the good moments we lived together and to confirm what I already knew: that a lot of good things happened between us, and they have compensated by large the occasional disagreements and minor setbacks.
I would also like to take this opportunity to say that you were a very important person in my life and I still care a lot about you. I wish I could tell these things face to face, and, at the same time look into your eyes and sense your reaction to each one of my words. And these words would only reassure you of something you already know: I still have feelings for you.
Actually, I would like to correct what I said in the beginning: I said you were very important person in my life, but, in fact, you still are a part of my life. I want you to understand that this letter is not an apology; I think that in this case, neither one of us has to apologize. And it`s also not a desperate appeal for you to come back rushing to me. In truth, my only intention is to make one thing clear: I still believe that we can be happy together and happy, because I still believe in our love.
I hope you realize how difficult it is for me to say these things. I hope you understand that the reason I am writing to you is only because of the great affection I have for you. And that`s as large as my hope that we may still hold hands and go out, enjoying together all the beauty of life. A beauty that`s even bigger when it`s felt by two hearts in love.

With a love from yours