Zodiac Signs

For the Gemini girlfriend

My dear (name)

Or should I say “my dears”. Because, sometimes you confuse me with the many women I can identify in your cheerful, lively and joyful way of being. You know I’m kidding, but I can’t help feeling happy and proud as a Sultan in knowing that you’re with me, very close to me!
Your happiness is contagious, and it expresses itself when you talk, in your witty intelligence, in your honesty and, mostly, when you get all excited about a specific subject. I know you get a bit confused sometimes, lost in your own diversified thoughts, not exactly sure if you’d prefer the sensation of a fantasy or adventure, to an imagined eventual stability; you’re the first one to give up on any stable situations and (just between the two of us) you don’t care much about nurturing patience.
Nevertheless, I know your heart is a house full of hope and I trust in it to keep me next to you, sharing your best expectations and keeping up with your most daring voyages.
You can always count on me, my dear, because I know I’m capable of sharing the same roads as you, even if that means speeding up at times or holding you a little bit back by the hand and making you enjoy the view that’s forming around us.

A kiss from