For a nice girl

I thought it was really nice of you to have given me your e-mail so that I could send you a little message. Besides, you are nothing but nice...
And although I know you so little (after all, we only chatted that day), I`m not afraid to say that you are something else.
I`m curious : you are nice, intelligent, educated and elegant, why did you also have to be this beautiful ?
What I`m about to say is not blasphemy. I respect all Godly things but I believe that He had to sketch an entire human race before He drew you. And when He found the formula, in His loud and celestial voice He said : “Speak!”
And you did. And the most impressive bit of this story is that, since then, you`ve only spoken intelligent, charming things. Look (name), I would like to see you again. And again and again. Soon. Call me or send me a reply.