You don`t even suspect it, but...


Some times, things happen right before our eyes and we don`t even realize them, isn`t it? That is usually the case when we are distracted or when we close ourselves to the world outside.
I didn`t mean to beat around the bush, but it would have been too obvious to start this letter by saying that I am completely in love with you. And it`s so odd to be this blinded by love when you seem to be so blind to my love.
If it`s pure distraction or if you haven`t yet realized the way I look at you, than there is still hope that this letter will produce some effect. However, my real fear is that you have already noticed how interested I am in you and yet, you couldn`t care less. Could that be it ?
I sincerely hope not... I suspect you have not even realized that someone is looking at you in a different way and has difficulty breathing every time you are near. Discreet as I may be, I can sometimes be very obvious. And now that I have found the courage to send you this little note, I believe that the wheel of fortune has been set in motion and I hope it favors me.
Dear (name), if you still don`t know who I am, it won`t be long before you find out. I won`t be signing this letter, but the next time I see you, I`ll ask `Did you like it?` Hopefully the answer will be in your eyes and in your smile.

A kiss!