You don`t even know me, but I love you !

Dear (name),

We have never talked, actually we have never even been introduced. But I am totally in love with you ! Whenever I see you, you are with your girlfriend and I feel so jealous of her. But mean this in a good way, I don`t wish anything bad to happen to her; I just wish her all the best with her next boyfriend and I wish you become my boyfriend soon!
You are so gorgeous and you seem so charming and attractive, even at a distance. You sure have attracted me and you don`t even know that I exist. You can`t imagine how much I dream of the day that the two of us will be able to walk hand in hand downtown. I think that I will feel both nervous and proud and I won`t be able to hide it... I may not even be able to look at anybody`s faces because I will feel too emotional, walking side by side with the best looking guy in town, better yet, in the all country not to mention the entire world.
I am a little shy and I wouldn`t like to be accused of causing any couples to break up. But all I ask of you is to pay a little more attention to the world around you and to realize that there`s always someone looking at you. Someone who follows every single move you make with a great deal of affection and gets very sad to see that your love goes to someone else.
You don`t know me, you don`t even know that I exist... but I want you to know that I love you and that I want to be introduced to you so much and become your friend, the best friend you have ever had...

A passionate kiss from