Virtual passion

We have never really met but sometimes I feel that I`ve known you for a long time. We have exchanged photos, chatted on the internet so many times and we know so much about each other already; yet, and to my great regret, we have still not met face to face.
This is a strange feeling that I`m experiencing. Most people are afraid of the unknown but I`ve always considered myself to be quite brave person when in face of the adversities of life. And now, I find it hard to tell someone that I know so well - even if it`s at a distance - something as simple and wonderful as this: I`m in love with you! Please don`t let this scare you off. You know you`re safe, the physical distance between us is too big. Ant still, every time we talk on the internet, I feel you really close to me and inside of my heart. If our friendship will not evolve in the direction of true and fulfilled love, I will begin to doubt the word “LOVE” – a word that has been so commonly used lately.
I would like you to know that all the thoughts that I have exchanged with you on the screen are true. Although the entire concept of feeling is very abstract and we have only met `virtually`, I feel that your vibes have touched me in a very real way. I`m glad you can`t see me right now; I am bit shy and I would feel awkward to look into your beautiful eyes. But I would like you to know that I am deeply in love with you.

A big kiss from